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The Pine Tree Council is seeking candidates for our Commissioner Team. Commissioners are volunteers who are appointed (commissioned) to their role to provide unit service.

Who is considered a "prime candidate"?

We are particularly interested in adults who participated extensively in the Scouting program as a Youth, and adults with experience serving as unit-level leaders.

What is the Council's biggest need?

Our greatest need today is for Unit Commissioners. Serving as a Unit Commissioner is one of the best ways to help Cub Scouting go and Boy Scouting grow after years of service at the unit level. As a seasoned unit Scouter, you've been through JTE and recharter paperwork, and you have problem solving experience to offer others. As a UC, you can keep that connection to Scouting and help make the program great. Unit Commissioners work directly with up to three units, making at least six visits to these units throughout the year.

Are any smaller roles available?

Not able to make a full time commitment or already wearing too many hats? We're also seeking leaders with experience performing a recharter and completing the Journey to Excellence scorecard to aid their peers.

What other types of Commissioners are there?

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To be considered for a Commissioner role, please contact your District Commissioner. Your District Commissioner and their peers within the Council Commissioner Team will help assess your fit for available opportunities.

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