What we do

How can I spot a Commissioner?

Pine Tree Council's Commissioners wear distinctive insignia. Many of our Commissioners wear just one hat (have one role), so wear a Commissioner position emblem on their left shoulder. As some Commissioners have other roles, our Commissioner Team also wears the special Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) shown above.

What does the Commissioner Team do?

The Pine Tree Council's Commissioner Team is focused on Unit Service. We...

  • Look for ways to reduce the overhead of administration so you can focus on program
  • Help solve Scouting problems
  • Help the Council stay in touch with units and unit leaders
  • Help highlight great Scouting results at the District and Council level
  • Drive the annual recharter process
  • Help make effective use of the Journey To Excellence program
  • Connect units to the resources available in our Council
  • Support Venturing, Sea Scouting and Exploring programs
  • Administer technology services, including the Council's email and web hosting
  • Connect Scouts with special needs with information and resources
  • Operate the monthly District Roundtables

What kinds of Commissioners are there in Pine Tree Council?

  • 1 x Council Commissioner, who oversees the Commissioner program in Pine Tree Council
  • A number of Assistant Council Commissioners who oversee specific administrative areas -- Special Needs, Technology, Training for Commissioners, Venturing, etc.
  • 4 x District Commissioners, who oversee the Commissioner program within the Council's four Districts
  • A number of Roundtable Commissioners, who oversee the Cub and Boy Scout Roundtables within each District
  • A number of Assistant District Commissioners in field roles, who oversee geographic regions within a District
  • A number of Unit Commissioners who interact directly with up to three units, helping optimize results, respond to problems, and showcase the unit within the District and Council
  • A number of Assistant District Commissioners in administrative roles, who oversee things like Technology within a District

How does someone become a Commissioner?

Resource: Join us

How do I contact my Commissioner?

Resource: PTC Commissioner Contacts