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This site includes Commissioner contact information, detail on Commissioner visits, the Journey to Excellence (JTE), annual Recharter, Commissioner Resources, and details on Commissioner Training.

Abnaki District

Casco Bay District

K-Valley District

York District

Council Commissioner and Assistants

The senior representative of all uniformed volunteers in Pine Tree Council is the Council Commissioner, who is aided in her mission to support Scouts and Scouting by the four District Commissioners (listed above) and topic-focused Assistant Council Commissioners (listed below).

Commissioners help improve the program through the Journey to Excellence (JTE), aid units in on-time annual recharter, support organization of new units, and regularly visit units throughout the Council.

Council CommissionerLynne Picoraro
Downeast Service AreaLynne Picoraro
ACC for VenturingJody Hart
ACC for RoundtableJody Hart
ACC for Special NeedsJames Nirza
ACC for AdvancementMelissa Medina
ACC for My.ScoutingGary Moore
ACC for AdministrationClyde Cavender
ACC for TrainingClyde Cavender
ACC for Commissioner's CollegeJoseph F Connolly II
ACC for TechnologyJacob Moorman

Want to Join Us?

Your experience is valuable. Most Commissioners join us with past youth Scouting experience (Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Venturer) or have been serving in a Unit-level role as a registered leader.

Commissioner roles present a particularly good opportunity for Unit-level leaders retiring after years of service, and past leaders who wish to return.

Contact [email protected] to learn about Commissioner opportunities to help Scouting grow in Maine.

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You'll see Commissioners in the field at camporees, at summer camp, at Roundtable, and visiting your Unit. Pine Tree Council's Commissioners wear a distinctive Council Shoulder Patch (shown above).

You'll see us observing, and providing guidance and encouragement. We're active when new units form, and with all existing Units throughout Council.

Behind-the-scenes, our Commissioners meet routinely at the District and Council levels to advocate on your behalf. We work with the District Committee to help solve problems for Units, and work with our peers to lift the administrative burden on Units as that they can focus their efforts on Program.

Journey to Excellence (JTE)

"Scouting's Journey to Excellence" (JTE) is the BSA's council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

What's in it for me? Less drama, less overhead, more Scouting.

JTE objectives change every year. Objectives for Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships and Posts are provided on JTE Scorecards and tracking spreadsheets.

The Journey to Excellence is intended as a continuous improvement program. You should continue to update the scorecard throughout the year. JTE results are collected at end of year as part of the unit recharter process.

Questions about the Journey to Excellence may be directed to the Commissioner Team.

Annual Recharter

Each Unit in the Boy Scouts of America undergoes an annual recharter process by December 31st which:

  • verifies the unit membership and leadership inventory
  • collects membership and insurance fees
  • confirms the Chartered Organization's willingness to serve the Unit
  • confirms that all Unit leaders are current in their Youth Protection training

Recharter is handled by the Unit Committee Chair with assistance from the Unit Leader (Scoutmaster or Cubmaster) and Chartered Organization Representative.

See the PTC Recharter site for full instructions.

The Commissioner Team is the primary point of contact for Recharter assistance.

Resources for Commissioners

Leader Resources


Keep Informed

  • See the PTC Leader Resources site for information on news and communications for Commissioners and Unit leaders.
  • The Commissioner, a newsletter from BSA National
  • Commissioners are encouraged to attend District Roundtable, District Commissioner meetings (hosted by the District Commissioner), and Council Commissioner meetings (hosted by the Council Commissioner).


Commissioner Tools

Technology Tools

Commissioner Training

Scouts deserve a Trained leader. Leaders deserve a Trained Commissioner. Commissioners receive progressive recognition as they train and leverage their skillset.

Badge of Office

Commissioners wear a Badge of Office for their role.

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. Its uniforms help to create a sense of belonging. The symbolize character development, leadership development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment. Commissioners’ and professional staff badges of office share a unique design element, the wreath of service, which is a reminder of their shared responsibility for and commitment to unit service.


BSA commissioners and professional staff members share the wreath of service in the design of their badges of office to signify their shared responsibility for providing unit service. They also share something else unique in Scouting: a commission. The issuance of a commission represents the formal empowerment by the BSA to perform the duties and undertake the responsibilities for a designated commissioner position and the acceptance of that obligation by the commissioner.

Once requirements are met, a Commissioning ceremony occurs where the oath of office is taken.

Arrowhead Honor

All Commissioners should pursue the Arrowhead Honor during their first year of service (or right away if that first year has elapsed). The Arrowhead Honor prepares the Commissioner to deliver excellent Unit Service through orientation, training, and specific performance objectives.

Arrowhead Honor requirements vary by role.

Leaders become Trained as part of their work toward the Arrowhead Honor.

Commissioner's Key

Having earned the Arrowhead Honor, the Commissioner continues their training and work to deliver Unit Service. In doing so, they earn the Commissioner's Key.

Commissioner's College

Commissioners make leaps ahead in their capabilities through additional training. As they learn they may earn the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate of Commissioner Science awards.

Commissioner's Colleges and Conferences occur within Pine Tree Council, Daniel Webster Council (NH), Spirit of Adventure Council (MA), and Western Massachusetts Council (MA). These events deliver official BSA Commissioner Courses which count toward Commissioner degrees.

See the National Commissioner College list or the Pine Tree Council calendar for the list of known Commissioner training events.